A pair from Venice

These are two somewhat random photos that I took in Venice, Italy on our trip there last year.  The truth is that I take these sorts of photos A LOT when I travel.  I'm not sure why, really.  There's not really a good reason for it, other than something about these little scenes always captures my eye.  It's just a quick capture of something that catches my eye.

With digital photography being so quick and easy, I always feel it's better to take the photo than not to take it.  It's not like it costs me extra or something.  So that's why I often come home with many, many photos from a trip.  Sure, I spend time planning for the "big shots" of any place I visit, but I get plenty of enjoyment out of these little shots, too.  These often come up when I am wandering somewhere, which I highly recommend doing when you travel.  Get off the beaten path and just go get lost for a little while.  It's quite fun!