A view in Amsterdam

I have been experimenting with different monochrome looks in Luminar.  Because there are so many filters (did you read this recent post?) in Luminar, I am trying a lot of different things to see what I can come up with.  

This is an old canal shot from one afternoon in Amsterdam.  When I travel, I usually have a plan for taking the "big shots" in any particular location.  But in between those, I do a lot of wandering and take a LOT of shots like this one: nothing great about it, but not a throwaway either.  It's sort of an in-between shot for me.  I like the composition and the lines, but it's not one of my best.

In the past, I would always edit this one in color and try to focus on something in the photo of interest, perhaps by increasing the saturation of a particular color.  While I may still do that at times, I am also further exploring using monochrome to edit these "everyday" photos.  If nothing else, it's a good exercise in variety.