A good morning in Paris

Isn't every morning a good one to be in Paris?  ;-)

I absolutely adore Paris.  It's beautiful, photogenic, walkable and the food and people are just great.  There, I said it.  The French people are NICE.  Honestly, in the US there are always comments about the French being rude, but over several trips to Paris I have yet to experience that.  I think people just need something to complain about.

Anyhoo, the city is fabulous and while we were there, I headed out early one morning to get started.  I had several shots in mind and the only way to really get it done was before most people got up.  So, sunrise it is!

I walked to Notre Dame from our rented apartment and was quite happy to have a little haze in the air.  I like that stuff, because I think it adds a little drama and interest to a scene.  While the sunrise itself was somewhat non-existent, it was still wonderful to be up and out shooting in the pre-dawn hours.  It feels like you have the entire city to yourself, and that is a great feeling.