Luminar Tip: Curves Filter Basics

I shared this video recently and got a lot of feedback on it.  It appears that the Curves Filter is a bit of a mystery to some.  When I first started, I felt the same way.  It seems like it can do a lot but being able to figure out how and why to use it can be a struggle.

So this is my first video about this filter and I believe I will come back soon and do another one.  This covers the basics of the Curves Filter, designed to get you familiar with the controls and generally what they do to your photos.  It's not an in-depth guide to it but rather a quick tour of how it works so you can get started with it.

Take a look and let me know if you have any questions, and thanks!

In this video I demonstrate the power of the Curves Filter in Luminar and share some basic tips for getting started with this powerful filter. I quickly transform a colorless blue hour shot to a stunning sunset. It's easy with the Curves Filter, so dive in.