Abandoned on the Mother Road

So much interesting stuff to see along Route 66!

I loved my little adventure down Route 66 back in August. I spent about 2 weeks driving it across all of Arizona and New Mexico - what I consider the prime stretch of it. I had no hotel reservations and no plans. Just my camera and the open road ahead of me.

I meandered, and detoured, and just had fun. I also took a lot of photos. :-)

I came across a number of old gas stations, many of which had fallen into disrepair and were nearly in ruins. I shot those for sure! But I also came across many like this one, which though abandoned, was not in ruins. The paint looked good and it simply looked like they just walked away from it that morning. It's interesting how well-maintained it appeared.

This one was in Tucumcari, NM which is a jewel of a town, photographically speaking. It may have been my favorite stop along Route 66. There is just so much to see and shoot there - I loved it!