Easily replace a sky in Luminar 2018

Here's a technique that works REALLY well for certain sky replacements!

As you know, if you follow me and my Luminar videos on YouTube, I love to experiment with different techniques and come up with creative results. Call it a pastime of mine. It's just fun.

Since Luminar first launched over a year ago, I have experimented with replacing a boring sky using Layers. If you have a fairly flat horizon, it works pretty well. You just add the new sky layer and then use the brush or gradient to paint it in. But it's not perfect for all situations.

There's another way which is much quicker and easier, though to be clear it pretty much works only when you have a pretty clear blue sky and not a lot of trees on the horizon. But even with crooked lines on the horizon (such as a cityscape shot), this technique works really well. I call it the silhouette method, since you basically create a silhouette first, then use a Luminosity Mask, and then apply the new sky. 

Don't let that sound complicated - it's pretty easy. Just watch the video below and see!

I first saw this technique demonstrated by Nicole S. Young of Nicolesy, and I spoke with her about doing my own Luminar video covering the topic. She agreed, so here it is. Be sure and check out her blog, because she is a very talented and creative photographer.

Thanks for stopping by and have fun adding new skies to your photos!

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