Piazza San Marco

Venice is just a gorgeous city!

That is not exactly news to anyone who has ever been (or seen a photo of it), but it's definitely a true statement. When we were visiting, I found myself unable to put the camera away. Everything is interesting, and beautiful, and OLD. 

I captured this one in Piazza San Marco, which is sort of their version of Times Square, sans neon and traffic of course. :-)

I was wandering in the area, waiting on sunset to arrive, so I just walked and snapped for an hour or so. It was pretty rewarding to be an observer of all the buzz of activity in a place that draws in tourists like crazy. While I prefer to avoid the crowds when taking photos, in some places you just can't get around them unless you are there really early or late (which I wasn't able to do here).

So instead I just went with the flow, took shots that caught my eye and enjoyed the fact that I was standing in such an incredible place.