Aimless in Firenze

Wandering the back streets of Florence, Italy - such a treat!

When we were in Florence, I made it a point to get out and just try and get lost. Not really lost per se, but you know, sort of wandering aimlessly without a care in the world. That's a great feeling, and one we don't get often in life. So I jumped on it.

We were staying just south of the Ponte Vecchio (their famous old bridge) and that part of the town seemed less crowded to me (the main draw of the town, their Duomo Cathedral, is on the other side). So when I was out I was less intruded upon by the tourist hordes, which was obviously a good thing for me.

I love little European street scenes, so just about every time I turned a corner I fired off some shots like this one. I love the lines in this sort of shot, hence I took a bunch of them. If you find yourself in a crowded European city, consider staying slightly off the beaten path so that your photo pursuits can give you a little more room to move.