The coolest house in Oberammergau

What an interesting little town in Bavaria!

When I was in Germany back in April, we made it a point to visit the little Bavarian town of Oberammergau. I had heard about it and seen pictures for years, but had not been. Essentially the town is full of houses and buildings that have frescoes painted all over them. It's very interesting, and quite fun to photograph.

This house in particular was my favorite - it tells the story of Little Red Riding Hood. I had to ask around to get directions - which is a little hard when I don't speak German - but I did find it after walking a bit and exploring (which is always fun anyways).

Everyone there was very nice (like all Germans, in my experience) and the town was an interesting and beautiful place to spend half a day with the camera. I have plenty more of these that I need to edit - literally this stuff is all over town. It's amazing and so different than what I find in the US.