30 minutes in Ramsau, Germany

Sometimes a detour is well worth it!

When we were in Salzburg, Austria earlier this year, we spent a day over in Berchtesgaden, Germany looking around and hanging out. It's just over the border a little ways and really not a far drive at all. As we wandered the shops there, I saw a postcard with a beautiful little church on it, right next to a river - and that was it. I had to go.

So I asked the shopowner where this was, and it turns out it was just a short drive away to the little town of Ramsau. I convinced my Mom and Sister, who were there with me, that it was a worthy detour, and off we went.

Of course, the roads were under construction and we had several detours, but eventually we did find this place and I was in heaven. I just love scenes like this one, and frankly I just never come across them here in the US. That's part of what makes Europe so special to me - finding these little gems in the middle of nowhere. So beautiful!