The coolest motel in the world

Ok, I haven't been to every motel - that's obvious. But can you deny that the Blue Swallow Motel should at least be high on the list?

I love places like this - lots of character, some neon, tons of history, and so much visual interest that you cannot help but take some photos. When I arrived at this hotel in Tucumcari, NM along Route 66, I immediately parked and took some iPhone shots. I then checked in and stayed 1 night in the motel, and thus I spent a copious amount of time taking all sorts of shots here. 

The entire town of Tucumcari is very photogenic, in a Route 66 "the best days are behind it" sort of way. That may sound mean, but I mean it as a compliment. It's historic and there are some amazing things to see in this little town, and nearly all of them beg to be photographed. So I obliged. :-)

I drove and walked up and down Route 66 in Tucumcari and shot all sorts of old hotels and motels, so in use like the Blue Swallow and some boarded up and empty. There are multiple old gas stations, also in varying degrees of disrepair. And then all the lovely signs. I spent only about 18-20 hours in town, but boy did I walk away with a lot of great photos!