Aurora HDR Workflow: Vatican Sunset

Here's a video I recently created, showing how I take a sunset from Rome and create my final look with it in Aurora HDR.  I apply some filters to it, a couple of layers, some split toning and color adjustments, too.  Then, I go back and fix some halos that were present - all in a few short minutes.  

That's the power of Aurora HDR 2017 - create a stunning, finished HDR in no time at all!

Download a free trial of Aurora HDR here: In this video I walk through an edit of a lovely sunset at the Vatican in Rome. I make some color and tone adjustments, use split toning, add some denoise and even show how I reduce the appearance of halos in the HDR. Enjoy!

If you would like a free trial download of Aurora HDR, click on the banner below to be directed to the Macphun website.  It's an amazing product.  You can find my full HDR tutorial here

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!