Notre Dame morning

There's just something about the early morning hours!

I have as much trouble as anyone else getting up in the morning, but it's always worth it when I am up and out shooting.  On my travels, I try to do at least one or two sunrise shoots.  All the famous landmarks are just so crowded during the daytime and around sunset.  You often can't get a decent shot of them.  So my solution has always been to get up early and do it.

Usually, it works out pretty well.  

One morning on our recent trip to Paris, I got up early and made the 15 minute walk over here.  I have seen and shot Notre Dame several times in my life, but never really loved the shots.  There were just taken at the wrong time of day.  So, sunrise was my answer.

Luckily, it was a misty, foggy sort of morning and the whole experience was just amazing.  I had it to myself, and was able to shoot it from the front, the side and the back.  I walked away with many images that I truly love - today's photo being one of them.