Luminar Tip: Split Toning vs Split Color Warmth

Here's a new Luminar Tip video on YouTube!  

In this video I discuss the differences between Split Toning and Split Color Warmth.  They may sound alike but they are vastly different.  Split Toning deals with Highlights and Shadows and allows you to control/alter colors in each.  You just choose the Hue and the Saturation level for the HL or SH and start having fun.  It is VERY powerful and it has long been one of my favorite tools in Lightroom - it's so great to have it in Luminar since I rarely use LR now.

Split Color Warmth allows you to adjust the temperature of Warm Colors or Cool Colors independently.  You just move the sliders left to cool down the tones or right to warm up the tones.  Very easy!  Despite the differences between these tools, they get along pretty well and can be complementary to each other.

I frequently use BOTH on a single photo.  They work well to accentuate already beautiful light, such as during a sunset, sunrise, golden hour or twilight scene.  You can also use Split Toning for interesting color effects, such as creating a vintage-style look in your photos, and I show you that as well.  There's a lot in the video, so enjoy and thanks!

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!