A stunning sunset in Strasbourg

Sometimes the light is just amazing!

We spent two evenings in Strasbourg - which was a side trip from Paris for us, as we went to see their famous Christmas markets - and of course as usual my hope was to get a nice sunset one of those evenings.  Luckily, it happened on the second night.

I headed out to wander around their area known as Petite France, which is the historic section of town and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It's also incredibly photogenic. 

The architecture there is mostly half-timbered buildings which I love (they remind me of Germany) and I find them quite fun to photograph.  There are a number of canals in this area too, which gets me excited since I love photographing water.

All together I spent a couple of hours in this part of town that evening, as the sunset was just incredible and I fired away well into blue hour, before finally calling it quits.

This is a 3 exposure HDR created in Aurora HDR 2017 and then I also took it into Luminar where I made some edits to it and did some stylizing as well.  If you haven't yet tried either of these products, I truly believe you are missing out on some amazing tools.  I do all of my work in these two products and can't imagine life without them!  ;-)