The Roman Forum

When in Rome...

While we were in Rome last year, we took a historical walking tour that went through the Colosseum and meandered around over to the Roman Forum.  It was fun, educational and interesting.  I had never really done anything like that, so it was a nice surprise.  Usually I prefer to travel at my own pace and guide myself, but this was an exception and it was a really excellent tour.

It was mid-afternoon so the sun was high and hot, but nonetheless I was able to take quite a few photos.  With my travels in the Fall/Winter last year as well as other projects, I have spent very little time working on the photos from Rome.  In fact, I want to create a list to add to the site of the best places to shoot there.  So much to do!

The view from up here on Capitoline Hill is amazing.  If you look in the distance to the right you can see the Colosseum at the end.  Pretty fascinating stuff, considering the history here!