Along the Cinque Terre

So much beauty in this part of Italy!

I absolutely adored the Cinque Terre.  We spent 3 days and nights there, which did not feel like enough, even though we saw everything we wanted to see.  I could go back for at least a week just to relax by the sea and take some photos.  It's gorgeous there.

If you are planning a trip there, check out this list I write up of the best places to take photos there.  It's not a long list, considering there are just 5 little villages here, but it may give you some good tips about where to get the best shots you can get.

Today's pics are a small collection from the massive amount of shots that I took there.  I have had these sitting on my desktop for a while and figured it was time to get them published.  They aren't amazing creations or anything, just quick snaps of a lovely place (or places, technically, since they are from 3 different villages along the Cinque Terre).

Sunset begins in Manarola as I am perched high up on the trail above it.

The beach in Monterroso al Mare, which was quite fun to spend a day on!

The view from our kitchen window in the apartment we rented in Riomaggiore.

Here's a view up into Riomaggiore from down by the sea.