Eiffel Tower textured

I don't use textures that often, but have started experimenting with them more and have grown to really enjoy them.  It really does take a photo in an entirely new and creative direction, which is awesome, and it's also quite fun to experiment with different ideas to see what you come up with.

This is the Eiffel Tower (rather obvious) and I shot it on a gray, overcast day in Paris.  Historically, I would convert this to monochrome, or try some of my presets to see about getting a nice color version out of it, even though there wasn't really any color to work with.

But once I started in with a texture, I knew that was the answer.  Sometimes it's fun to work on creating something that looks like art, instead of a regular photograph.  I think I will do this a bit more often, because I rather like the result!  It ended up with a little bit of a vintage feel, which I also thought looked kind of nice!