Luminar Workflow: New York Three Ways

Here's another Luminar training video!

I keep making all these Luminar videos because I love to do it.  It's an incredible program and I have enjoyed it from the very beginning.  And since I use it so much, I come across tips and tricks that I like to I make videos.  

In this one, I take a single photo of the NYC skyline and process it 3 different ways in just a few short minutes.  The key thing here is that I NEVER use the same filter twice.  Yes, I use different filters on each version just so I can illustrate the versatility of the product.

Take a look and let me know if you have any questions - and thanks!

Download a free trial of Luminar here: Follow along as I take a photo of the NYC skyline and perform three quick - and very different - edits in Luminar. I showcase the power and versatility of Luminar and the endless variety of choices you have at your fingertips, and I never use the same filter twice!