Those lovely Italian sunsets

Sometimes the light is just perfect!

When we were in Venice, I held out hope that I would get at least one great sunset.  Like everyone, I also hoped that it would happen while I was out shooting.  It would suck otherwise.  :-)

So I had a night that I planned to head over to St. Mark's Square, which is sort of like Grand Central Station in Venice.  No, it's not a train station, but it's busy like one, though it's way prettier.  My intent was to spend time there and then wander sort of next door to the promenade that lines up next to the canal and shoot sunset there.

Although this area has been shot a LOT, it's hard to resist the pull.  It's just so gorgeous and I was really thankful that my wish for a sunset came through, because it doesn't happen often enough!

This is a single 144 second exposure that I captured with my Vu 10 Stop filter, which is just an awesome bit of equipment to have on hand.  If you don't have a 10 stop, you are really missing out on a truly joyful photographic experience.  I made some edits to the photo in Aurora HDR, which is not just for HDR (obviously).  Thanks for stopping by!