A different look at New York

Though it took me a long time, I have fallen for NYC.

I spent years not being a big fan of NYC.  I'm not sure why, other than the noise, traffic, congestion and general busyness of the place.  It just didn't appeal to my senses, I guess.  But over time, it got to me and I am now a big fan.  

One of the many great things about NYC is the variety of photos you can take there.  Central Park offers up some great natural scenes, the skyline is simply the best in the world, and of course there are a million other things too.

On my last visit there - which was a stop while on our way home from France - I spent less time shooting the "big stuff" and more time trying my hand at street photography and the like.  You know, instead of chasing monuments I worked on capturing more of the day to day.

I used to be all about the big stuff, but as my photographic tastes expand I have been dabbling in more things like this.  But no, still not interested in portraits.  :-)

So today's post is a few shots from that recent trip, captured while doing what I like to do best in NYC - just wandering around with a camera.  These aren't monuments or even well-known locations.  They are just things I saw that I thought looked interesting.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

I also changed up my processing a bit on these, especially the first two images.  Instead of bright, bold colors like I normally use, I went for a more muted, grungy style of shot.  That's the beauty of post-processing your photos - so many options!