Announcing "A Moveable Feast" - A Preset Pack for Luminar

More preset awesomeness for your Luminar experience!

Hello friends - I’m back with another preset pack, and this time it’s another one for Luminar by Macphun.  My previous preset pack for Luminar, Wanderlust, can be found here.

Don’t have Luminar yet?  Shame on you.  ;-)  You can click on the banner below to buy it from the Macphun website.  Trust me when I tell you that you will love it.  You can also download a free trial at their site if you want to test drive it first.

The more I use Luminar, the more I want to use Luminar.  It has almost completely replaced Lightroom in my workflow.  In fact, apart from managing my library in LR, I rarely use it anymore.  I have been dumping folders of raw files on my desktop, and dragging them from there straight into Luminar to edit.  It’s been great.

Luminar is truly a remarkable product, and it will only get better as Macphun continues to innovate and add new features.  I’m excited about the possibilities!  Though the product is only a few months old, they have already added new filters to it.  It just keeps getting more and more awesome.  Can you imagine what it will be like in a year?  Two?!

Presets are like hitting the “easy button” for photo editing.  Sometimes it really just takes that one click to get your shot looking exactly how you imagined it, although of course there are times when a preset is a great starting point to send you off in a new creative direction.  Either way, I know you will enjoy this preset pack and get a lot of mileage out of it.  I had a lot of fun making them.  It's great to experiment with this stuff.  

Introducing A Moveable Feast

I named this preset pack A Moveable Feast which is a direct reference to the book by Ernest Hemingway.  While technically the term refers to religious holidays that do not occur on the same calendar date each year (and thus, are moveable), I think ole Papa Hemingway really meant that the experience of being in Paris will move with you throughout your entire life.  The memories, experiences and mental photographs you take will stay with you forever.  They will live on in your imagination, with a sort of halo around them.  You may return home to Texas like I have, but Paris will always stay with you.  That seemed like the perfect name for this collection.  I can't get Paris out of my head or my heart.

As you will see I have also named the individual presets with French themes.  I have had the good fortune to visit Paris many times in my life, and all of the sights, sounds and experiences have had a direct influence upon the creation of these presets.  To me they capture the beauty of this incredible city.  I feel so artistically inspired when I am there, and actually started creating these presets while I was still there enjoying the city.  I would come home from shooting, copy my files to my desktop, and start bringing them into Luminar.  Presets just started getting made.  ;-)

This preset pack was built for cityscapes and street scenes, landscapes, architecture, train stations, sunsets/sunrises, and probably just about everything else.  There are boldly colorful presets and some monochromes, too.   I've even built a couple of vintage-style and almost film-look presets, just 'cause.  It's all there.  Assuming you have seen some of my work, then you know that I like bold, colorful and expressive photos. These presets are designed as big moves, and not just barely-noticeable minor adjustments.  Big moves are good.  Minor changes are a waste of time.

Don't forget you can stack presets for more fun and experimentation!  I often stack 2 presets and adjust the opacity levels of each layer to get interesting and beautiful results. Just experiment and have fun.  That's what this is all about, anyway.

There are 33 presets included in this pack - yes, 33! - and once loaded in Luminar it will be displayed as it’s own category of presets, right alongside all the other categories that are built into Luminar (see below for installation instructions).

I even recorded a video showing many of the presets in action.  Take a look!

Get a look at all my presets here: and download a free trial of Luminar here: This is my latest creation and a fun, colorful and expressive collection of 33 presets made for Luminar by Macphun. Take a look at the video and click over to the blog to check out more details!

Ok, quite a few screenshots are included below - and click any image to enlarge for better viewing.  Enjoy and let me know if you have questions!

How To Purchase This Preset Pack

Ready to purchase this preset pack?  You can click on “Add to Cart” below, or visit my presets page.  Once you complete the purchase process, you will receive an email with a download link for the preset pack file, which you can then import into Luminar.  Installation instructions are below.

Add to Cart

It sells for the low price of $7.00.  That's just $0.21  for each preset!

Thanks for stopping by, and let me know if you have any questions.  I appreciate the support very much!  I couldn't do this without your support, so I want you to know I am deeply grateful.  Thank you!

How To Install A Custom Preset Pack

When you import a custom preset pack such as this one, it will create a new category in the Presets category window, and the presets will be displayed within that category.

See the example to the right.  -->

To add a custom preset pack, select the menu item File > Add Custom Presets Pack.  An open dialog box will be displayed, allowing you to choose the pack you wish to add.

After you receive your email with the download link, download the preset pack file to your desktop and that allows you to easily find it and select it.

Then you start making awesome photos!

Show me some samples, Jim!

Ok, it’s about time to do that, don’t you think?  Take a look at all the screenshots below and any of them can be viewed larger with a single click. Thanks for taking a look and let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you again and enjoy!