Two minutes in Florence

How about some long exposure fun from Florence, Italy?  OK!

I have been experimenting with long exposures quite a bit over the last couple of months, using the Vu Filters kit that I recently acquired.  It's an amazing bunch of filters, though my personal favorite is the 10 stop.  I just love that thing!

It's definitely the filter I use the most, and for good reason -  you can get some amazingly cool stuff out of it.  If I am shooting water or clouds somewhere, I generally grab that filter and the fun begins immediately!

It allows me to really drag out an exposure much longer than I could do otherwise.  In this case, it was sunset in Florence, Italy and I used it to craft this single exposure, which is 2 minutes long.  You have to set up your camera in manual and bulb mode and turn off bracketing (three things I never would do otherwise!) and then you are off and running.

This was a beautiful sunset looking over the River Arno, which runs through the center of town.  I did a few of these and then go back to bracketing the sunset, too.  :-)

I edited this single exposure in Aurora HDR 2017 - such an amazing product!