Street art in Florence

I found myself on a quest while in Florence - looking for street art by someone named "Blub".  This is WAY better than Pokemon Go.

I'm a fan of street art (some call it graffiti, or urban art, or a million other things) and find myself photographing it just about everywhere I go.  It's always interesting and beautiful.  When I was in Florence, I found myself on a bit of a quest, chasing works by the artist known as "Blub".

You see, we spent over a week there, and while the town is amazingly beautiful and full of possibly the best art in the world, you can get "art fatigue" as they call it.  You see so many historic and famous works that after a while your brain just wants to melt.  Or you need a beer.  Or gelato.  Yeah, gelato.  Florence has the best gelato.

Anyhoo, as I walked around the town I started spotting these works in all sorts of places.  Generally they were pictures drawn of a famous person (William Shakespeare, or Santa Claus), or a famous work of art (Mona Lisa), all with a swimming mask on their face.  Something about it just got me interested, so I took a photo the first time I saw one.

Then, I saw another one, and another one, and so on.  The quest had begun.  I ended up capturing the 16 photos you will find here today.  And FYI these were all shot with my iPhone.  It's always with me, and especially for a quick snap it's hard to beat.  And these aren't great shots, just quick snaps of something interesting.  I wasn't trying to create art here - it's already art, anyway - but rather just a quick capture of cool street art.

Sadly, in some cases someone had marked on these, or torn them, or otherwise defaced them.  I hate when people do that.  This is still art and should be treated that way in my opinion.  Enjoy it with your eyes, take a photo, and leave it alone people!

So if you find yourself taking a trip to Florence, take a break from the famous art and go on a hunt of a different sort, chasing these also beautiful and interesting works of art, scattered on street corners and tucked away little spots all over the city.  It's quite fun and a great diversion from the art browsing you will do in places like The Uffizi.  

I sent one of these pics to some friends and told them I was chasing these all over the city, and they said it was like some "high brow" version of Pokemon Go.  I don't play that game, but I get the reference and definitely got addicted to this quickly!  And it was way more interesting to me.

By the way, I found this artist's Instagram page if you want to follow their work.  You can find that right here:

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