Riomaggiore blues

A lovely blue hour in Riomaggiore, Italy, along the famous Cinque Terre!

We spent 3 nights in Cinque Terre on our recent Italy adventure, and all three were fabulous.  I loved the area and although 3 nights is enough to see it all, it's not really enough to photograph it properly.  That is, you want more than one sunset in every spot!

Prior to arriving, I knew I wanted to shoot Riomaggiore, Vernazza and Manarola, so when we planned this part of the trip, we set aside 3 nights in Cinque Terre so I could get a sunset in each of them.  That all worked out great, it's just that now that I have shot them, I sure would like to get back and shoot them again!

Sadly, I had no clouds the entire time I was there, so sunset was practically a bust each time.  But hey, I can't really complain, because I was in Italy!  So, I was happy to be standing there and firing away.

This is a quick edit in Aurora HDR 2017, which I absolutely love.  The previous version was already my favorite software EVER, and now it's even better.  And Macphun timed it perfectly for me, too.  I've been on an extended holiday for 6+ weeks, collecting copious amounts of new photos that will now all get run through Aurora HDR 2017.  I can't wait!  More to come!