A little bit from Oregon

Even though our big Oregon trip was last summer, I still have plenty of photos to work through!

Sunset at Oswald West State Park - Arch Cape, OR

I do love Oregon - it may be my favorite state in the US.  It's just gorgeous, and there is so much to photograph.  We spent about a month there last summer and it was just so awesome.  We hiked and explored and I took a bazillion photos.  It was amazing.

So, although I am currently traveling through Italy, I brought along some of these Oregon shots to share.  I can't make the blog ALL Italy, can I?  Well, considering the amount of photos I have been taking, perhaps I could - but only for a couple of years.  LOL

Seriously, I have so many Italy photos now, but I have had very little time to process.  So once I return home in mid-Sept, you will start to see a lot more.  Get ready!! ;-)

A suspension bridge crossed a creek in Oswald West State Park

Sunset in Ecola State Park - Cannon Beach, OR