A stunning Roman sunset

I walked right into this one!

I was out with the family in Rome last week and we were making our way home from dinner.  We had been out for a while and were all pretty tired, and I had only brought along my camera - no tripod.  It wasn't supposed to be a big photo outing.  We were just being tourists.

But things changed when I got to the Bridge of Angels!

The Bridge of Angels crosses the River Tiber right in front of Castel Sant'Angelo, in central Rome.  It was the route we needed to take home, and boy am I grateful for that!  As you can see, the sky started to get REALLY interesting, so I had to stop for some shots (ok, a lot of shots).

This is a popular spot for photographers, and tourists, and trinket salesmen, and con artists, and musicians, and.....well, let's just say it gets crowded.  But easily enough I found a nice spot to lean up against the railing, hold the camera steady, and fire away.  And fire away.  And fire away.  And fire away.  (I told you I took a lot of shots!).

I processed this image in Aurora 2017, the latest and greatest version of the amazing software from Macphun.  It hasn't been released yet, but it's coming soon.  I've been experimenting with it for a while now, and absolutely love it.  I have a full post coming on it when it is officially released (I think around Sept 15).  You will hear a lot from me at that time!