Chasing Botticelli

A night at The Uffizi in Florence...

I love Florence, and as the birthplace of the Renaissance, it's got a lot to offer.  In fact, I created a list of the best places to shoot in Florence, which you can find here.  Have a look - I think you will like the list.

Anyway, I was out and about in Florence one evening, firing away at a lot of great things, because the city is full of them.  I wandered the streets taking in the amazing street scenes and eventually found myself at The Uffizi, their incredible museum, after darkness had descended upon the town.

During the daytime, this place is incredibly crowded, with tourists milling about, waiting for their turn to enter the museum, or just hanging out.  Owing to the popularity of this museum, you can see that you could never get a shot like this in the daytime.  But that's ok, because that's what the night time is for - avoiding the crowds.

So I made sure to get here that night so I could wander a bit freely and fire away.  While it's not a huge place, I find it beautiful but then again, I'm a big fan of architecture.  Oh, and it houses the best collection of Renaissance art in the world, including several famous pieces by Botticelli, such as The Birth of Venus, which you would surely recognize if you saw it (some call it Venus on the Half Shell, ha).  Be sure and visit if you are here!