A night at The Vatican

Wandering at The Vatican after sunset is wonderful.

I'm a big fan of wandering aimlessly, but I also take time to wander with a purpose.  While I was in Rome, I did a fair bit of both, but on this particular evening I had a purpose - I wanted to photograph The Vatican at sunset and blue hour.

Luckily, I had some great clouds that evening which made my shooting that much more fun.  

The Vatican is shot by everyone, professional and hobbyist, and I just don't care.  I am sure that a million people have stood here and shot this same view before, but I just had to get it for myself.  (For the record, I took a lot of different shots of The Vatican too, but haven't gotten to them just yet.)  It's iconic, and you just have to get the shots, right?

The above photo was processed as an HDR in the all-new Aurora HDR 2017, which is an amazing product and you can find out more about it here.  It goes on sale in 2 days!  :-)

But I have also become a big fan of monochrome over the last few months, so of course I had to convert it to black and white using Tonality from Macphun, which is another amazing product.  The combination of these two (Aurora HDR and Tonality) can help you create some very compelling images, and you will continue to see more of these from me.  Enjoy!