Aurora HDR 2017 is coming - are you ready?

This product is so awesome, and it's almost here!

I'm very excited about the upcoming launch of Aurora HDR 2017 from my friends at Macphun.  It will be available on September 29, but you can get in your preorder now.

Click here to check it out and preorder.

I have been working with a beta version for a while, but am now using the full, final version and I absolutely love it.  It's magical, exciting, super capable, and shiny as a new penny.

One thing I have been busy doing is creating content for the product here on the blog, in hopes of helping my readers get a handle on Aurora HDR 2017 and why they should upgrade.

The first thing you will want to read is this blog post, where I outline the key updates to the product and share some screenshots.  That post also outlines the BONUS OFFER that is running right now, and continues until release day (Sept 29). It's a great deal and one I highly recommend you take a close look at.

The second thing I did was create the below video, which is a high-level demo of the product, showing you the cool new features and explaining how they work.  Check it out, because I always find that a video works best for this kind of thing.  I'm a visual learner, so this kind of thing works for me - hopefully it does for you, too.

Hi there! Get ready to dive into the awesomeness of Aurora HDR 2017. It's coming SOON and I wanted to share a preview of it. Have a look and let me know if you have any questions!

And last but definitely not least is my full review of Aurora HDR 2017.  It has descriptions and tips about how to use all the new features, lots of screenshots, example photos and more.  I really think you will enjoy this.  You can click on the banner below to access it, or you will likely notice it on my homepage, as I put it right up there at the top.

So that's it my friends - a quick newsflash to let you know that Aurora HDR 2017 is coming, and soon.  I am excited about it, and I hope you are, too.  It's an amazing product and one that I highly recommend that you take a close look at.  I truly believe you will love it like I do!

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for stopping by!