iPhone highlights from Florence

Thought I might do this again, sort of a teaser of coming attractions!

After our time in Venice - which I shared here - we headed down to the lovely town of Florence (or Firenze to the Italians) for 9 wonderful evenings.  We camped out in an apartment just a short walk to the Ponte Vecchio (that is the famous and often-photographed bridge), which is very central and made it super easy for me to get EVERYWHERE.

Literally, I went just about everywhere in town and photographed it top to bottom.  I love it there, and I find the city very photogenic.  I had a list prior to getting there of all the spots I wanted to shoot, and I made it to every one of them.

So this post is just a sampler platter, or a teaser of coming attractions, or whatever you want to call it.  But basically here's a preview of what I shot there, except that these pics were all taken with my iPhone 6.  I still shoot with my iPhone A LOT when I travel, and usually my faves end up in this set on Flickr.  So if you go check out that set you will see a lot more from all of Italy (and elsewhere, of course - going back a few years actually!).

Sunset over Florence

Just a typical street scene, though this happens to be where our apartment was

The view from atop The Duomo

The ceiling inside the Baptistry, next to The Duomo

Sunset with Florence in the distance, as seen from the little hilltop village of Fiesole

Inside The Uffizi, which is a great museum and possibly my favorite museum anywhere

The famous sculpture of David at The Accademia

Watching the golden light of sunset hit the Ponte Vecchio

A daytime closeup of the Ponte Vecchio

The Basilica of Santa Croce, which houses many famous tombs, including Michelangelo