Afternoon at The Rialto Bridge

I thought this was a pretty great view of the Grand Canal!

We spent some time in Venice Italy recently, and one thing I wanted to make sure I did was get some good shots of the Grand Canal.  Although it is large, the truth is that you have to really look hard to find it since Venice is basically a labyrinth of sorts.  It can get terribly confusing.

So I did my fair share of wandering there, always on the lookout for interesting views, which of course are just about everywhere!  But I was also searching for good views of the Grand Canal.  I succeeded in finding a few.  Oddly, this view I'm sharing today is pretty much the easiest one to find.  And believe me, everyone else is there with you.  It's not unique in that way.

It's from the top of the Rialto Bridge, which is the oldest bridge crossing the Grand Canal and arguably the most famous.  I crossed that bridge countless times during our stay there, since we were in an apartment nearby and always going to and fro.

I kept passing it up, since it was crowded as heck and I wanted to capture something a bit more unique.  But finally I stepped over here one day, wedged myself between the tourists and fired some handheld brackets.  No way could I set up a tripod in that crowd!  Despite the crowd and the lack of originality here, I do have to say it's a pretty awesome view and a photo that I am rather fond of!  Sometimes it pays off to swim with the current, right?