Looking down on Milan

How about a little something from Italy today?  OK!

We are in the midst of a multi-week tour of Italy, and it's been amazing.  We started in Milan, then went to Venice, and am now in Florence.  So many photos already!  The trick of course is finding time to edit and share them all.

So today I have one from Milan.  This was taken from the roof of their Duomo, the big beautiful cathedral in the middle of town.  We toured the inside but also climbed the stairs up to the roof.  It's a pretty amazing experience, and certainly an incredible cathedral to visit.

Once on the roof, you basically follow a little path that winds around part of it, giving you interesting views of Milan and of course all the detailed architecture of the structure itself.  At one point, I saw this view down on the street and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and just loved the scene.  I had to hold the camera up over a fence, tilt the screen to see what I was shooting, and fire away - but it came out alright after all!

I edited this in Aurora HDR first, and then transferred it over to Macphun's Tonality for conversion to black and white.  If you aren't experimenting with black and white, I have to say that you are missing out on a real joy of photography, which I only recently realized.  And of course I believe that Tonality is the best product out there for doing so!