Blue hour in Sydney

There's just something about blue hour - it's quite possibly my favorite time of day to shoot.

Sure, sunset is awesome as everyone knows, but boy do I have a serious thing for blue hour.  It just gets me, somehow.  While the colors aren't as dramatic as a gorgeous sunset, there's something about twinkling lights in a city and the fading light of nature that mix in with the incoming darkness - and BAM!  You get a great photo out of the deal.

I caught this one during my trip to Sydney, which at this point was nearly 2 years ago!  Damn, time flies.  I still remember standing here shooting, like it was yesterday.  I was still a bit bleary-eyed from the travel, but was working hard to stay awake so I could fire away at the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge, which you see here.  I do love bridges.

If you haven't been to Sydney, then I'll let you know that basically right behind me (while I was standing here shooting) is the more-famous Sydney Opera House.  You can see that photo here, if you are interested.  It is actually one of my favorites of this whole trip, along with the bridge photo above.  I guess it was a good night to be out shooting!  :-)

I have to admit though, while I did like Sydney, I didn't find it to be amazing or anything.  It's a great city, and there are some iconic things like this to shoot, but otherwise I found it pretty tame.  Maybe I was in the wrong place, or something, but I'm in no hurry to return.  It's a DAMN LONG WAY from Texas, and if I ever fly that far again, I plan to disembark in New Zealand.  :-)

However, I still made the most of it and found some nice things to aim the camera at, which you can find in this list here on the blog: