A different look at the Sydney Opera House

I'm still working on my Sydney photos, even though it's been a while!

As is typical with my workflow, when I return from a trip I process and share quite a few photos because they are new and fresh and honestly I am dying to get them out there.  But I never process them all.  There are always plenty more left in the library that just sit there and collect virtual dust.

After a while, I have a tendency to move on to other images (that is, I get distracted and a little burned out on that trip's images, even if I love them) and essentially forget about them while I work on something else.

That's exactly what happened with my photos from Down Under.  I went there back in October 2014 and still have loads of photos to process and share.  The photos that have been shared are in this album on Flickr, and it includes some iPhone shots, too.  I often post those while I am in a place and save the processing of my "real" images for when I return.

So recently I dove back into that Lightroom folder to see what was waiting for me.  Quite a lot, it turns out.  I've had an absolute ball going back through these shots.  I get to relive the trip, but more importantly I find many gems that I have initially overlooked.  

Today's photo is one of those gems.

An added benefit of processing your photos later is that you have likely further refined your processing skills, or learned new ones, and you can apply those to your images that you waited on. 

I consider this a non-traditional view of the Sydney Opera House.  I had been shooting it and the Sydney Harbor Bridge through sunset, and during this blue hour I started walking back, knowing I had an early start the next day.  I happened to turn around to see it again, and just loved this scene with the boardwalk, benches and lamp posts.  So I set up and fired a set of brackets, just as a boat whizzed past.

Once I took a closer look at the photo, I decided that I would just process this single exposure, instead of creating an HDR.  I liked it quite a bit and didn't feel the need to use all 3 photos from the bracket set.  So this was brought into Aurora HDR for some adjustments and then some minor touch-up in Lightroom.

I'm quite proud of the result, and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Thanks for stopping by!