Those Oregon sunsets

Sunsets along the Oregon coastline are beautiful.

I absolutely love Oregon, and was lucky enough to spend a chunk of last summer up there, enjoying the beauty and escaping the stifling heat and humidity of Austin.  Knowing that I would be there a while, I had hoped I could capture at least a few gorgeous sunsets.

Thankfully, Mother Nature saw to it, and I got more than my fair share of them.  I came home with something like 9,000 photos from that trip, and am still going through them all.  But I did finally get into my Lightroom library recently and processed a few from a couple of different sunsets there.  I'm dying to process more, after doing these.  So much beauty!

These were all captured in Cannon Beach, Oregon, which is a beautiful little town sitting on perhaps the most scenic beach anywhere.  I'm a huge fan of rocky beaches (I'm not a tropical-beach kind of guy) and it's hard to compete with Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach.  That thing is a BEAST!

Thanks for stopping by today!