The Pike Place fish counter

I love to wander at Pike Place Market in Seattle...

Having visited Seattle a few times in my life, it qualifies as one of those places that I love to photograph.  There's plenty of the town that I haven't shot, so I guess that means it qualifies for a return trip!  

Most of my time has been concentrated around the Pike Place Market, which definitely doesn't represent the whole of the city.  I've seen other parts too, and several outside of Seattle, but something about Pike Place just draws me in each time I am there.  It's touristy but I find it quite beautiful.  I've gotten up at sunrise to shoot it, and been there at sunset too.  I've shot it in the middle of the day (crowded!!) and just about everything in between.  

We made a quick stop there last summer on our epic roadtrip, and I got out first thing that morning to shoot Pike Place (again).  The first thing you see, assuming you come in the "main entrance", is this fish counter.  It's famous for being the place where they are tossing the salmon around - it's quite fun.  

But being interested in art, and just having fun mixing things up, I decided to create a couple of different versions of the above photo.  The first one is a pretty traditional black and white, which I converted in Tonality by Macphun.  It's a great product for making monochromes and if you want to read more, you can check my review here.  While there's NO WAY I could ever abandon my love of color, I sure am becoming more interested in black and whites.

This next one is just pure fun, not a serious photo at all, but I like it.  Here I used FX Photo Studio by Macphun (read my review here) to create this mirrored-symmetry look.  Kind of cool, right?  It's not a complicated thing to create either - this was a single click edit.  Gotta love that about Macphun!