The streets of Copenhagen

I love to wander aimlessly in Copenhagen...

Copenhagen is such a beautiful city.  On my trips there, I have spent many hours just wandering around the historic city center, basically without a plan.  There are a lot of little nooks and crannies to investigate, and I always come across a beautiful street scene...and I photograph it (surprise!).

I'm a huge fan of European street scenes, and when they look like this I am doubly excited.

I love the look of cobblestones, since it gives the scene a historic and timeless feel.  The other great thing is the architecture here.  I love the look of these buildings - all tall and narrow, sort of bunched together, but each distinctly colored in some pastel shade.  It's just lovely.

Of course, it wouldn't be Copenhagen without all the bicycles.  You probably noticed a few in the pics.  Yes, Amsterdam is well known for all the bicyclists cruisin' around there, but having seen both cities several times, I have to say that Copenhagen may have just as many.  No, I didn't take the time to count them, but trust me, there's a lot in both places.  ;-)

The other thing you may notice about these pics is that they are a bit muted in style, as opposed to my more typical bold and expressive colors.  I haven't turned my back on big colors - it's my first love, after all - but I continue to experiment and evolve as an artist, and I am having fun with it.  Variety is the spice of life, after all.  A recent example is this post about London done in black and white.  I imagine I will do more like that, partly because it's fun to experiment, and partly because I just like them.  Oh, and these were all single exposures, not HDR.  And no, I'm definitely not giving up HDR!  Again, just experimenting with new processing styles and techniques.  It's all good fun.