Montpellier's Porte du Peyrou

There's more than one Arc de Triomphe in France!

I found myself going through my photo library recently, partly because I love to dig around and process stuff I forgot about, and partly because I have thousands of photos that I still need to process.  It's always a treat to root around in the library because I never know what I will come across, and of course it always brings back fond memories.

I was in Montpellier, France a couple of years ago and though I only had a couple of days there, I saw as much as I could and of course got out and shot a ton.  I actually had two sunsets there that were just crazy awesome.  I'll have some shots from those to share soon, too.

This is a triumphal arch in Montpellier that was built back in the the 1690's.  Yep, it's old, but things like this are just beautiful to me.  Oh, and it's not nearly as crowded as the more famous one in Paris, which is great when you are trying to photograph the thing.

Montpellier has a large park/open space that I spent some time photographing (and where I captured those two amazing sunsets) and you pass through this arc en route.  It's sort of like the exit from the old town, as you are entering the Place du Peyrou (the name of the aforementioned park).  I shot this quite a few different ways, and under varying light as you can see in today's shots.  I find it hard to pass up something so beautiful and historic.  Things like this always make a great subject, don't they?