Nightfall in Brussels

It's not often that I am out shooting after dark.  I'm not sure why, but it just became a habit at some point to pack it up and head home after sunset and blue hour.  I especially love blue hour - and doubly so when I am shooting in a city - but there's something to be said about shooting after dark in a city as well.

Take today's photo, for example.  This was one evening in Brussels a few years back, and I had been shooting for quite a while already.  It was dark but I just kept going - which I am happy about, looking back on things, because I like this picture.  I guess this was before I developed my habit of leaving at dark.

I used the interplay of dark and light to create a moody feel in this image.  I prefer to leave some shadow (and thus leave a little to the imagination) in most of my HDR photos, and I think that night time in a city is a great place to do just that!