A night at Nyhavn

This is my favorite part of Copenhagen.

As I said in my recent post about the streets of Copenhagen, it's just a lovely city.  So beautiful, so nice to wander in, and so great to photograph.  While I generally have my camera out the entire time I am there, my favorite spot in town for photography is Nyhavn.

Nyhavn is their historic harborfront area/entertainment district.  There are historic wooden boats docked there, several restaurants and bars, and the architecture of the surrounding buildings just gets me every time.  I generally stay in a hotel nearby, and start each trip shooting there.  At the end of my stay, I usually finish the trip shooting there.  These shots were on my last night there on my last trip to Copenhagen.  A fitting end to a great week.

One might think I would tire of shooting the same subject again and again, but I really don't.  With time of day differences resulting in light changes, it feels different every time I am there.  Sunrise, sunset, middle of the day - I just love to visit the place and fire away.

I have done the entire spectrum of photo'ing there - from big, dramatic HDR photos to little detailed shots of small things, and everything in between.  This time, I was there at blue hour and shot all of these handheld with my Olympus camera, sporting the 15mm f/1.7 prime lens.  They are all single exposures.  I no longer have that camera or lens (I moved to Sony) but there are times that I miss that little combo.  So small yet so awesome.  It was great for little night stuff like this.  It's hard to beat wandering around at night and firing off handheld shots.  Good fun!

Going back again and again to re-shoot a spot is also a lesson for me - that is, you can always find something new and interesting to shoot, even when you are shooting a place you have shot multiple times before.  Whether it's a change of perspective, or a change of lens, or something else, you can always get a new view on things.  It just takes a little hustle and some original thinking.  Here's a long post I wrote about that very thing if you would like my thoughts on it.  It's called "Using Monotony to Spark Creativity" and it's all about getting original even when you are staring at the same old things.