That New Mexico light

Boy is the light ever fabulous in New Mexico!

Being a Texan, I love to visit New Mexico.  It's close enough to get to in a day (from Austin to Santa Fe is about a 13 hour drive, so it's not exactly close) and offers up such varied terrain and interesting things to photograph.  I love it there.  We have visited many times over the years, and I hope that we can return many more.

Whenever I am there, I can pretty much count on getting at least one great sunrise or sunset.  I have no idea how or why it happens, but every time I am there I see incredible light, at least once.  Perhaps someone can explain why this happens, but I can't.  I just know that more often than not, I am rewarded with some amazing light - and as a photographer, that's what I am always in search of.

Today's shots are from Abiquiu, which is about an hour from Santa Fe.  It's a tiny little town - more of a hamlet, really - that is famous for being the home of the artist Georgia O'Keeffe in her later years.  Her home and studio are there, and she was really drawn in by the varied landscapes, which she expressed so well in her paintings.  They draw me in, too.

We stayed outside of Abiquiu, in a rental home on a hill overlooking the big lake there.  I got up early every morning for sunrise, and was positioned in the same spots at sunset.  So that's what I am sharing here today - just a few snaps from my time there.

These are all single exposures, edited in Aurora HDR Pro.  While I love to shoot HDR, I also love to shoot single exposures.  Well technically, I usually shoot brackets for everything, it's just that sometimes I choose to just use one of them.  Anyways, enjoy the shots and thanks for stopping by!