Sunset in Arch Cape

Oregon is just stunningly beautiful.

I can't get over Oregon.  I keep going back into my library and working on photos from our time there last summer.  Since I have about 9,000 photos from that trip, that should keep me busy for a while!  ;-)

If you hadn't seen it yet, I recently created a list of the best places to take photo on the Oregon Coast.  You can find that list here on the blog.  It's pretty long and has my favorite spots and favorite pics from those spots.  If you need a quick visual escape, take a look!

These pics today were taken just moments apart on the beach at Arch Cape, OR.  It's a little town just south of the more-famous Cannon Beach, and it's a real gem.  Even in the middle of summer, I could walk up and down this beach and barely see a soul.  In contrast, the beach at Cannon Beach is packed.

We rented a house right across the road from here, so we were out here just about every day (unless we were off exploring elsewhere so I could build up that list I mentioned, ha!).  Morning walk on the beach?  Check.  Post-lunch walk on the beach?  Check.  Sunset walk on the beach?  Check.  

Doesn't that sound nice?  I think I'm ready to return!  I miss it, but then again, it's been almost a year since we were there.  Time flies, huh?