The big ditch

Last summer, while we were headed to Oregon on our epic summer family adventure, we made a pretty quick stop at the Grand Canyon.  It was a bit longer than the stop the Griswold family made, but not by much.  :-)

We arrived mid-afternoon, and it was pretty sunny and bright - not what I would call ideal photography conditions.  But, we wanted to see it and since we were so close, it just made sense.  Technically, we were headed to Sedona, but took this detour just so we could get a glimpse of what I came to call The Big Ditch.  No one in the family really liked me calling it that, but that's kind of what it is.  It's a big ass ditch.  It's huge, majestic, and amazing though.

We debated sticking around for sunset, but knew that would put us arriving into Sedona quite a bit later that evening, and we had been on the road since early that morning.  So, I decided it would be some other time in life that I would return and capture this amazing scene under proper lighting conditions.  What can you do?  It's not always about the photo-taking, right?

Nonetheless, at least I got some decent clouds out of the deal, and did my best to illustrate the pretty amazing views you can have here.  I'll just have to find a time to return and really take care of business then.  Until that day comes, I am satisfied with these images and will remain so - until I get another shot at it.  ;-)