Twilight at the Rijksmuseum

Ah, Amsterdam - you're so beautiful!

I love Amsterdam.  Most people think of it as a place to party (which it can be), but for me it's a place to load up the memory card.  I love the architecture there and all the canals.  It seems there is something interesting and beautiful at every turn - and there are a lot of turns in this city full of canals.

The Rijksmuseum is one of those things that will catch your eye, and it's hard to miss.  It's located in their Museum Square and it's HUGE.  I mean this thing is a monster.  It's full of fabulous art, including some masterpieces by Rembrandt and Vermeer (including Rembrandt's The Night Watch, arguably one of the most famous Dutch paintings ever).

There is also this excellent corridor that runs right under the middle of it, which is open to pedestrians and cyclists.  You can cut through that to get to the back, which is where you find the big reflecting pool, and where I found myself one evening, firing away happily.

I would guess that is the classic photograph of the Rijksmuseum that everyone takes, and for good reason.  The reflections are excellent and if you catch a beautiful twilight hour like I did that evening, you come away with some shots you are proud of!