Sunset at The Top of the Rock

What a view from up here!

I have used this photo as my blog header/background photo for a few months (I just changed it to what you see up there now, which is from Leadenhall Market in London), and I recently realized that although it was featured up there, I never actually shared it as a post here on the blog.

So, I'm correcting that right now.

As you can guess from the super-original blog post title, this was a sunset that I photographed from the top of Rockefeller Center in NYC.  I was there back in late October and early November, and it was a perfect time to be there.  Cool temps and great fall colors.  Man, I was HAPPY.

I was traveling light that week, so I just had the lovely 28mm f/2 lens on my Sony.  It's great for nearly everything that I shoot, plus it's small and easy to lug around all day, so it's doubly effective as a great travel lens.

I arrived about an hour before sunset, thinking that would be plenty of time to find myself a great spot ahead of the crowds.  WRONG!  There were photographers all over the place, and some two deep in spots.  Well, there went my plans.  I thought I might be able to wander all over and take a bunch of shots from different spots, but it was not to be.  

So, plan ahead if this is on your list of NYC spots (and it should be - though a cliche, it's still awesome).  By the way, here's my NYC list if you want to see it.

Nonetheless, I did find a couple of spots that I was satisfied with, and coming away with this image still made me happy.  It's hard to do something original up there, due to both the limited space and the copious amount of great shots already taken there.  But hey, I'm always a fan of just taking the shot anyways.  It satisfies that mental checklist we all have, and you may still come away with something you like.  So take the shot, and have fun out there!