A big bunch of EPCOT photos

Hey, it's all about EPCOT today!

Spaceship Earth at the entrance to EPCOT in Orlando, FL

Who wants to go on a world tour?  :-)

Have you been to EPCOT?  You know, the theme park at Disney in Orlando, FL?  If not, I think it's worth a visit.  In fact, it's my favorite park just about anywhere.  In particular, I am fond of the World Showcase.  It's a portion of the park that simulates the locale and cuisine of 11 different countries from around the world.  Considering my penchant for travel, it's no surprise I love it there.  It feels like a big, crazy around the world trip, but you do it in one day!

I first went to EPCOT many years ago, and have always enjoyed my visits there.  I've been to Orlando on business several times, and even then I try to wrangle a little free time to visit the park and go on a mini world tour.  It's fun.

The large tori gate in the Japanese section of EPCOT, during sunset.

AFter sunset there at the tori gate, I turned around and got this shot of the main building in the Japanese Pavilion.

So when we were in Florida about a month ago, we took one day and spent it at EPCOT.  While it's quite fun to wander around there and get a taste of the culture of each country, for me it's a great photo expedition with a lot of varied subject matter.  And believe me, I fired a LOT of shots that day!

While the entire park is fun and photogenic, I have some preferences, which I have previously shared on this list here on the blog, entitled Top Photo Spots at EPCOT.  After typing up this post, I went ahead and added several new photos to that list, since I now have them.  :-)

We started out under a bright Florida sky (it is the Sunshine State, after all), but luckily the clouds that were present earlier in the day stuck around, and by sunset I was sort of getting excited.  While I am happy to photograph any sunset, I always prefer to have some clouds in it, as I find it adds more drama and interest to the photo.  Plus, you never know if something spectacular might happen.

EPCOT is built around a huge lagoon, so I am always looking for shots across the water - this one being a distant view of Spaceship Earth.

Another bright afternoon shot, but this one at the Chinese Pavilion at EPCOT.  I love the architecture in the park.

As it turned out, the sunset got really interesting while I was in the France Pavilion, and so I stuck around there all the way through blue hour.  I love the shots I came away with too, especially that vertical one of the fountains with the Eiffel Tower replica in the distance.  That's one of my recent favorites.

And truthfully, the entire French area is probably my favorite.  It's really beautiful - like everything else in France - and to my eye they have done a really good job making it "feel" like France.  Down to the music playing, the architecture, the food and more, it just actually seems like you are in France.

So yeah, I spent quite a while taking photos there!

My favorite shot, of the fountains in the France Pavilion.

This was a quick snap from the England portion of the park.

The popular Les Chefs de France restaurant in the France Pavilion at EPCOT, just after sunset.

The only challenge (for me, at least) with shooting at EPCOT is the crowds.  It's obviously a popular park and thus it gets pretty full of tourists, just about any hour of day.  While you can occasionally wait it out, it's hard and very unpredictable.  So I tend to shoot and move on, though I got lucky in a few of these and was able to get them (nearly) empty.

Anyway, if you find yourself in Orlando and haven't been to EPCOT yet, I highly recommend it.  It makes for a fun and photogenic day!

Sunset with the France Pavilion in the distance.

Another sunset shot from France, taken a few minutes later than the last one.

This was taken in the Canada section.  I was drawn in by all the lines and colors.

They set up this area in France to look like you are walking along the Seine in Paris.

Another view from the Japanese Pavilion - this one of their koi pond.

A closeup of the koi pond.

One last view of the tori gate in Japan.