Twilight in Stavanger

Time for a virtual return to Norway.

Lovely clouds and blue hour light in Stavanger, Norway

No, I'm not currently planning a return trip to Norway, though it would be welcome.  Instead, I am working through my massive backlog of photos from my trip there last Fall.  I spent just a handful of days in the town of Stavanger (with some side trips from there, such as this one which was basically the highlight of my entire 2015) and really liked it. It's small and quaint in some ways, yet full of character.  I loved it.  I hope to return.

But in the meantime, while I sit here in Texas and dream of places I can go (and there's a lot of stuff passing through my brain as possibilities), I have been working hard to catch up on my photo backlog.  As I've said before, I have thousands of photos to get to still, and I love having that much "work" to do.  It's like a virtual treasure chest of memories and possibilities.

I couldn't resist the colorful light and buildings playing against the blue hour sky

It's so fun and rewarding to revisit my old trips by cruising through my Lightroom library and editing some of those shots for the first time.  Over the last few days, I have been working on some from my last Paris trip, which was in November of 2014.  See?  So long ago, and yet these photos are just sitting on my hard drive (but thankfully backed up safe and sound).

So today's post is a group of shots I captured one evening while out and about in Stavanger.  The historic town center is small enough to amble about randomly without fear of really get lost (or too far away from your hotel), but big enough to give you some nice things to photograph.

I always love to shoot street scenes, and so that's mostly what I ended up with that night.  Sunset was ok but not stellar, and since I didn't have a place from which to really view it, I didn't mind.  But once the light fell and blue hour descended, I was really having a blast.  The streets were generally empty and it felt like I had the place to myself.  I loved it.

Do you love blue hour as much as I do?  How about street scenes?  I am absolutely addicted to photographing those.  Am I alone here?  :-)

Thanks for stopping by today - I appreciate your visit!

Nearly empty streets in Stavanger during blue hour

The lake in the center of Stavanger during blue hour