Holiday Offers from Macphun!

Macphun has TWO great Holiday Specials now available, for Luminar and Aurora HDR!  Good from now until December 31!

I absolutely LOVE Macphun products and use them on every image that I edit.  Whether it's Aurora for my HDR work or Luminar for everything else, I spend all my time using these products.  They are the best I have ever used and that's why I love them.  They are intuitive yet powerful and I can take an image from start to finish without needing anything else.

And now you can get a GREAT holiday deal on both products - good until year end!

Over the past few months I have created a LOT of content for these two products, both on the Macphun site as well as right here, so if you get these products now you have a wealth of free, helpful information at your fingertips.  You will be using these like a veteran in no time!

For are some educational tools and other goodies to get you up and running:

  1. Video Tutorials on the Macphun website
  2. Luminar Review and Tutorial
  3. Wanderlust Preset Pack for One-Click photo magic

For Aurora are some educational tools and other goodies to get you up and running:

  1. Video Tutorials on the Macphun website
  2. Aurora HDR Review
  3. Full HDR Tutorial based on Aurora HDR
  4. Bella Italia Preset Pack for One-Click photo magic

And don't forget that I have a LOT of stuff on my YouTube Channel!  You can subscribe to me there and catch all my videos, which are all about Macphun.  Enjoy!

Luminar + Bonuses for only $59. Total value $319. Savings of 80%.  Click here to view on Macphun's site.

Celebrate the holidays with an incredible deal on our most popular photo editor to date and a host of bonuses sure to put a smile on your face!  This is one great deal and if you aren't yet using Luminar, I truly believe you are missing out.

The offer includes:

  • Luminar, super-charged photo software for any Mac photographer
  • 3 eBooks from Andrew S. Gibson: Mastering Photography, Mastering Composition & Mastering Lenses. The “Mastering” series is designed to help improve the creative aspects of your photography. They are aimed at intelligent and creative photographers who understand that light and composition are just as important as knowing which buttons to press on the camera.
  • Over 300 high resolution sky overlays: Use Luminar and this set of warm, blue or dramatic skies to enhance any image. Perfect for any photographer who has photos with dull or lifeless skies - bring them to life with this exciting collection!
  • Creative Portraits Preset Pack for Luminar: Make even more amazing photos with this speciality pack of presets ideal for improving any portrait.  
  • How to Shoot Sandscapes by Baber Afzal: In this video, you’ll learn pro techniques for capturing the best sandscape photos possible.

Aurora HDR 2017 + Bonuses for only $89. Total value $175. Savings of 49%.  Click here to view on Macphun's site.

Give your holiday photos a truly unique look this year with Aurora HDR 2017 and our new Winter Preset Pack. Plus, improve your photography with training from Nature Photography Guides and Trey Ratcliff!  Aurora is by far the best HDR software ever, and believe me, I spent years using other stuff.  Glad I am exclusively using Aurora now!

The offer includes:

  • Aurora HDR 2017, the world’s #1 HDR software for Mac photographers
  • 2 eBooks by Nature Photography Guides: "Forever Light: the Landscape Photographer's Guide to Iceland" & "Iceland: Black & White Photography Portfolio by Sarah Marino" will inspire your photography to new heights.
  • Creative HDR Presets Pack: Use these exciting new presets to stylize and experiment with your photos.
  • 20-minute Deep Dive video from Trey Ratcliff: Learn from the most influential HDR shooter of our generation, and co-developer of Aurora HDR 2017!

That's it my friends - two great offers on two great products.  You can get both or just one, and either way you will absolutely have a great time editing photos, as well as collect a bunch of bonus goodies! 

Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have any questions!