Monochrome Magic - a free workspace for Luminar!

Download a free copy of my Monochrome Magic workspace for Luminar!

Ok, I will admit that I am a big color guy at heart.  I just love big, bold colors.  That's true.  But over the last year or so I have really come to love monochrome images as well.  Sure, I have always appreciated the famous black and white images from the likes of Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisneau.  They are fabulous.

However, appreciating them and trying to create your own black and whites are two very different things.  I used to always just think of a black and white as something to do when color wasn't working for me, but I really liked the image.  Honestly, that's what I thought.  I didn't know anything, sadly.  Always keep learning, right?  ;-)

Now, however, I have a much deeper appreciation and love for black and white photography, and find myself creating them much more often than ever before.  Much of this has to do with Tonality by Macphun, which is without a doubt the best pure black and white image editor on the market.  It truly converted me to a lover of black and whites.  I'm thankful for that.

But now that Luminar is out, I am using it to create my black and white photos.  No, it's not quite the same as Tonality (and to be clear, I am keeping Tonality and will still use it at times), but it's very capable and I find that creating monochromes in Luminar works just as well for me, the majority of the time.  Macphun even built in a custom workspace for monochromes, which is cool.

But being a guy who likes to do things my own way (hence I create a lot of presets, for example), I had to create my own Workspace for monochromes.  I just like to use slightly different filters when making monochromes in Luminar.  So, I made one and called it Monochrome Magic.

It's a free download right here if you are interested.  If not, that's cool, too.

And to be clear, this is a Workspace, not a Preset.  In Luminar terms, a Workspace is a collection of filters.  The filters are zeroed out, hence this is different than a preset.  It's just a quick way to get started using common filters.  

Also, the way to install it is to download it then in Luminar you can find your Workspaces folder by clicking on File > Show Workspaces Folder.  Drag this Workspace there.

And to demonstrate it for you, I recorded this video.  I walk through the editing of 3 different photos using my Monochrome Magic Workspace.  Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions!  

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!